MODERNIZED PUV (Jeepney) Plying the Streets of Metro Bacolod Soon

Modernized Public Utility Vehicle (Jeepney) will Soon ply the streets of Bacolod City and nearby towns and cities.

The new units of modern jeepneys were Hino’s answer to the government’s PUV Modernization Program, which would replace the aging jeepneys roaming the country’s roads with newer, safer models and can provide durable, reliable jeepney. Hino modern jeepneys are powered by a cleaner EURO- 4 ENGINE and are built in accordance to the government’s specification of a modern jeepney.

Model: Hino eco PUV class II

GVW: 4,970 kg

Capacity: 19-21 seating plus 7-10 standees

Engine: 4.0

HP: 136


This modern public transport vehicle has the following state-of-the-art features

✔️Hino modern jeepneys will feature a BEEP CARD

✔️ It has a built-in speed limiter


✔️Installed with CCTVs

✔️It also has a dash-cam

✔️The vehicle is fully air-conditioned

The Hino Class II PUV is designed more closely to the conventional jeepney with side-facing passenger seats and covered open air windows. Its design is also provisioned for standing passengers to further maximize seating capacity.

Through the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), the government gathered different local players in the commercial manufacturer industry to display their prototypes for public viewing with the theme, “Modernong Sasakyan, Progresibong Bayan” at the Philippine Convention Center (PICC) Forum in Pasay City.

“Our active participation in the government’s project is driven by our Hino’s Total Support mantra. We are committed to providing reliable and innovative transport system solutions for the welfare of all our stakeholders–including our natural resources such as the air we breathe. We believe that this is the first step toward an upgraded and greener transport system,” said HMP Chairman.

As the only local “one-stop” shop both for trucks and buses, HMP engages not only in the assembly of high-quality Hino chassis platforms but also in the production of standardized and customized truck and bus bodies to meet specific requirements of its customers / transport partners. Recent custom body examples include mobile library, mobile hospital, mobile court and mobile kitchen units. Hino’s chassis combined with customized bodies is HMP’s response to the country’s need for application-specific, reliable and sustainable transport system units.

“Our discussion with different jeepney operators and cooperatives has helped us improve our prototypes. As we address the need for a more reliable transport system, we will continue to leverage our ability to assemble and distribute quality trucks and buses designed to help Filipinos get where they need to go–safely, economically and with environmental responsibility–while focusing on sustainable development,” HMP President Hiroshi Aoki shared.


For inquiries please contact:

Jurace R. Perfuma

HINO Negros

📞 (034) 473-0288

📸 ©️ Jurace Regala Perfuma

#HinoNegros #HINO #HinoBacolod

7 thoughts on “MODERNIZED PUV (Jeepney) Plying the Streets of Metro Bacolod Soon

  1. I like the concept of modernizing jeepneys buuut….This looks more like a minibus than a jeepney… should we really call this a modernized jeepney?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Rodimus. As per DOTC this is their concept of a prototype eco PUV jeepney. For now let us accept this. Maybe they will still come up with revisions/enhancements on future models of the said vehicle for use in our public transport.

    Liked by 2 people

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