MassKara Festival 2017

MassKara Festival 2017 

Schedule of Activities 

October 1, 2017 until October 22, 2017

Bacolod: City of Southeast Asia

MassKara Festival 2017 Activities & Events:


The much-awaited MassKara Festival is all set to entertain all of us in October in Bacolod City. Now, once again, we will witness the most colorful and electrifying scenes in the MassKara Festival 2017, as the festival is just around the corner.

So, one must have to travel to Bacolod City to get a lifetime experience of some fantastic scenes in this unbelievable festival.

MassKara Festival Activities and Events:

To be very honest, MassKara Festival is one of the most exciting events around, and without any single doubt, some unique and interesting activities are scheduled during this year. The activities include:

MassKara Parade Dance.

Electric MassKara.

MassKara Queen Beauty Pageant.

Street Dance Competition.

Run for R.I.C.O.

MassKara Festival Music.

Mask Making Competitions.

Pole Climbing.


The main highlights of the MassKara Festival Bacolod 2017 are:

MassKara Festival 2017 Parade:

The official MassKara Festival 2017 Dance Parade Music 🎶 

Well, the MassKara Parade is one of the main highlights of the festival. In this activity, the participants march and gather in the streets of Bacolod City. The partakers of the parade are dressed in beautiful and brightest attires along with some unique masks as well.

To be honest, you can’t imagine the breathtaking view of the parade, when the participants outfitted in colorful costumes march along with the beats of drums and music.

So, I think the Masskara Parade is something extraordinary for the entertainment seekers.

Musical Concerts:

Musical Concerts are part and parcel of the Masskara festival. Honestly, music holds a great value in this festival, and the concerts of the musicians attract a massive crowd in the event.

So, it’s a treat for a music lover to get the pleasure of music alongside some other activities in the festival of smiles.
Physical Activities:

The MassKara Festival Activities are not only limited to parades and street dancing. It’s a month long celebrated the festival, and there are plenty more to offer for all of you.

If you are a fitness geek and love to be the part of any physical contest like pole climbing, racing or even marathon, then MassKara festival is the best thing for you along with some other mind blowing activities.


If you are a fitness geek and love to be the part of any physical contest like pole climbing, racing or even marathon, then MassKara festival is the best thing for you along with some other mind blowing activities.

Masskara Queen: 

MassKara Queen is one of the most exciting events in the festival, where a Queen is selected in a local beauty Pageant in the city of Bacolod.

This competition holds a vital importance for the local people, and the participants have to work hard to keep themselves in the MassKara Queen Beauty Pageant.

Valerie Escamilla from John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation was declared the “MassKara Queen” in the last MassKara Festival 2016. 

Celebrations and Fireworks:

The celebrations of the Masskara Festival are just out of this world. In the entire month of October, the Bacolod city celebrates the festival with dancing, singing and showcasing their talents.

Honestly, it is the only festival where you get the fun of carnivals, thrilling action of the marathon, unbelievable beauty contests and incredible cultural heritage at the same time.

So, I highly recommend you to get a life experience of the Bacolod MassKara Festival at least once in your life.

MassKara 2017 Street Dance Competition Confirmed

Well, the latest news about the Street Dance & Arena Competition is that there are 15 Barangays and 11 Schools are participating in this event.


The breaking news is that the defending champions Barangay Granada is not competing in this year’s street dancing competition, and that’s somewhat a shocking news for many people for sure.

The Street Dancing Competition is one of the main highlights of the MassKara Festival 2017 and not only that but also it’s the most popular event of this festival.

Participants of the Street Dancing Competition:

There are two categories in the Street Dance Competition, These are:

Barangay Division:

Street Division.

Barangay Division Competitors:

Here are the FIFTEEN Barangays, that will perform in MassKara Street Dancing Competition In 2017.

Barangay Tangub, Barangay Banago, Barangay Pahanocoy, Barangay 5, Barangay 7, Barangay 8, Barangay Alijis, Barangay 15, Barangay 18, Barangay Mandalagan, Barangay 26, Barangay 29, Barangay Punta Taytay, Barangay 39, and Barangay 40.

Street Dancing Competition

Now, the School Division is divided into two types.

Elementary School Division.

Secondary School Division.

Elementary School Division Competitors:

Banago Elementary School II (District I).

Bata ES II (District II).

Mabini ES (District III).

Handumanan ES I (District IV)

Luis Puentevella ES (District V).

Education and Training Center School (ETCS) -I (District VI).

Mariano G. Medalla Intergrated School (District VII).

Secondary School Division Competitors:

Domingo Lacson National High School (Unit I).

Romanito Maravilla NHS (Unit II).

Bacolod City NHS (Unit III).

Paglaum NHS (Unit IV).

Apart from that, another great news is that there will be separate winners for both, Elementary and Secondary School Division in the Masskara Street dancing Competition 2017. Development of Education Division of Bacolod City and the Silver MassKara Festival Organization are the partners of Street dance School category.


On 21st of October, 2017, the School’s competition will be held whereas the Barangay Divison competition will be on 22nd of October on Sunday.


The Street Dance Competition will start at 3 pm, whereas the Arena competition will begin at 4 pm.


The exact location for you to enjoy this fantastic event is the Lizares-Araneta Streets Bacolod. Here is the map of the exact venue

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  1. What is the real date of national fireworks competition? Which is which ? Oct. 19 or 20 ? And where is the venue ? Specific place please and directions how to go there .

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